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Shimmer & Gems- Crystal Jewelry With Purpose

Pink Pearl Moonstone Luminous Bracelet (Higher Heart Activation)

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This bracelet brightens the heart and carries the energy of light.

It is used for the purpose of eliminating anxiety and emotional distress.

A powerful amulet for hope, strength and a brighter tomorrow.

This bracelet design is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using only high quality materials such as authentic Swarovski Pink Rose Pearls, Natural Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Strawberry Quartz and 14k rose gold filled beads.

Swarovski pearl emanates a natural glow and a flawless finish… really luminous and sparkling indeed.

This Luminous Series is surely “a must-have addition to your jewelry collection.”

Designed, Made, Cleansed, Blessed and Attuned By Audrey

Swarovski Crystal Pearls are a perfect replica of genuine pearls. Made of a unique crystal core covered with an innovative pearl coating, these pearls possess a flawless, silky smooth, rounded surface.