About Us

Shimmer & Gems … Clean… Classy… and Curated to your own needs.

”As you wear our jewelry, may you SHIMMER & SHINE with light, love, abundance, happiness and great energy.”

This unique brand, tagged as “Jewelry With Purpose” is the latest venture of Audrey Agcaoili, Founder & Partner of Love For Crystals Singapore & Philippines, Founder of Audrey’s Wellness, Founder of The Academy of Holistic Therapies and Founder of Audrey’s Crystal Remedy Magick.

Audrey’s passion and dedication to bring healing to the world have inspired her to design and curate high vibrational healing tools through Jewelries.

This brand is using only premium and high grade Natural Gemstones, 14k Yellow and Rose Gold-filled and 925 Silver materials sourced from all over the world.

Shimmer & Gems is a great companion to your everyday use... with purpose!


**** Special Announcement 7th February 2024****

It has come to our attention that there is a copycat phishing website (www.loveforcrystals.shop) that contains images and prices of some of our products listed in our Singapore website www.LoveForCrystals.com.

The copycat website (www.loveforcrystals.shop) has violated the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) and we are taking steps to inform their web host and also Google to take them down. Please refrain to purchase from them as they do not represent us and do not carry the actual products.

We are not responsible for any purchases made via any copycat website or social media platform. As such, we are indemnified of any losses or damages made through such fraudulent websites, before and after this announcement. 

Our ownership is only of the following legalised platforms:-

www.LoveForCrystals.ph (Our Philippines Store)

Thank you for your support & attention to this matter.