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Purple Jade 6mm Money Bag (24K Gold Filled Brass) Bracelet

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 The money or wealth bag is a traditional symbol of fortune and positive monetary energy in Feng Shui.

It signifies unending prosperity and income that never stops coming in.

It is very auspicious especially when worn on the wrist, as it enhances prosperity and luck.

This amulet energetically invites wealth into the owner’s life.

 Let this lovely money bag help you collect good fortune as you wear!

Purple Jade
Purple Jade is a stone of happiness, joy, and humor. It aids us in achieving acceptance of the Divine order and the grounding knowledge that all is as it should be.

Opens us up to the natural and effortless abundance the Universe provides.

Purple Jade helps protect and regulate our aura, making it an ideal stone for empaths and highly sensitive people.

It is a soothing stone that helps relieve anxiety and calm the nervous system.