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Ultimate Protection Bracelet (Raja Kayu & Black Tourmaline)

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This Ultimate Protection combo contains 6mm Raja Kayu and 6mm Black Tourmaline. Both Powerful in Warding Off Dark Energies.

Raju Kayu

Known as the “King of the Woods” is the “Supreme Protector” in the wood kingdom.

Raja Kayu is the most powerful talisman for protection to ward off evil spirits and negative energy.

Raja Kayu also has the mystical powers both for physical and spiritual healings.

Raja Kayu contains super energy and able to convert negative or neutral energy to positive energy instantly.

Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline is a powerful protection gem and it has many healing properties.

It is known to be highly effective at deflecting negative energies and can provide strong protective energy for its wearer.

This crystal helps to protect against energy vampires, as well as any other forms of negativity that could disturb or weaken one’s personal energy field.