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Shimmer & Gems- Crystal Jewelry With Purpose

Strawberry Quartz Crystal Fairy Bracelet (Make A Wish!)

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This strawberry quartz Crystal Fairy Bracelet promises to make your dreams come true and more!

Crafted from beautiful Strawberry Quartz crystals in an enchanting nature-inspired design- with White Jade Butterfly, Clover Leaves Mother Pearl, Opalite Heart & White Glass Flowers, set in 14k Rose Gold Beads and 18k Rose Gold Copper Base Charms & Spacers.

Elevates you in the feeling of Joy, Hope and Sunshine. Unlock the Magical Fairy Land through this bracelet!🧚‍♀️

Strawberry Quartz embodies a powerful love vibration and has a strong energy to stimulate a flow of happiness and joy.

Designed, Made, Cleansed, Charged & Attuned By Audrey