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Snake Animal Zodiac 2024 Goodluck Bracelet (Purple Mica & Peridot) Feng Shui

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For the Snake, 2024 is a year to focus on preserving what you have.

You experience a weakening of element luck, which you should take steps to correct.

The Illness Star in your sector suggests you need health amulets.

Your intrinsic element of Fire however puts you at an advantage heading into Period 9.

Lift your inner essence by wearing the colour red. Boost productivity and success at work with the 9-Eyed Dzi.

The Snake this year needs the help of friends and allies, so put more effort into nurturing your relationships. (WOFS)

Goodluck Bracelet for Snake in 2024 by Audrey (Purple Mica and Peridot)

This specially combined gemstone bracelet helps awaken your intuition and inspires creativity.

It also offers a grounding force that promotes stability and perseverance.

This unique gemstones combination can serve as an inspiring reminder of balance and depth in one's life, encouraging the wearer to seek out inner wisdom and steady growth.