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Shimmer & Gems- Crystal Jewelry With Purpose

Safe Travels 4mm Bracelet with Stainless Steel Beads (Moonstone & Kyanite)

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This combination provides protection and guidance, ensuring safe travels. Moonstone enhances intuition and emotional balance, while Kyanite aligns energies, creating a harmonious environment for a smooth journey.

Exceptional Quality:

Made of 4mm high grade rondelle beads with stainless steel spacers, this bracelet combines durability with elegance. Stainless steel jewelry is resistant to tarnish and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Stones Significance:

Moonstone possesses uplifting energy of hope that it has long been worn by travelers as a talisman to elevate their spirits and protect them.

Kyanite aligns the chakras, offering balance and harmonizing the energy field, essential for safe and stress-free journeys. It is a powerful guardian stone valued for its travel protection properties.

Powerful Blessings:

Designed, Curated, Attuned, Blessed & Infused with High Cosmic Vibes by Audrey

Care Instructions:

Clean with a soft cloth and store in a dry place. Avoid water, harsh chemicals, and extreme temperatures to maintain its beauty.