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RAT Animal Zodiac 2024 Goodluck Bracelet (Burma Jade & Garnet) Feng Shui

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The Rat enjoys the Prosperity Star #8, but this star has started to lose power as we move into Period 9.

To benefit from its wealth-bringing energies, you need to strongly re-energize this star, and take steps to prevent its illness aspects from surfacing.

You benefit from it being a Dragon Year, your astrological ally, which breathes powerful transformational energies into your life.

Learn how to leverage this to invite in new wealth, great health and profound happiness. (WOFS)

Goodluck Bracelet For Rat in 2024 (by Audrey)

This specially combined gemstone bracelet helps ignite your passion and gives you the confidence to take bold actions.

It also offers a calming balance that promotes growth and renewal.

This unique gemstones combination can serve as a powerful reminder of balance and duality in one's life, encouraging the wearer to seek out vibrant energy and quiet restoration.