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Shimmer & Gems- Crystal Jewelry With Purpose

Raja Kayu with Black Onyx and 14k gold filled Bracelet 6mm (Synergy of Protection)

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Onyx and Raja Kayu create a powerful synergy that enhances both their individual properties and their collective energy.

This combination offers a harmonious blend of grounding, protection, strength, and spiritual growth.

Purpose and Benefits:

Grounding and Stability:

The Onyx in the bracelet provides a strong grounding energy, stabilizing your emotions and mental state. It helps you stay centered and balanced, even in challenging situations.


Both Onyx and Raja Kayu offer protective qualities. Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, while Raja Kayu acts as a shield against negative influences. Together, they create a powerful protective barrier, keeping you safe from harm.

Strength and Focus

Onyx enhances your mental strength and focus, allowing you to stay disciplined and clear-headed. This is particularly beneficial during stressful times or when you need to concentrate on important tasks.

Emotional Balance

The combination of these two powerful elements helps to balance your emotions, providing a sense of calm and peace. It supports you in releasing negative emotions and embracing positive energy.