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Ox Animal Zodiac 2024 Goodluck Bracelet (Peridot/ Prehnite & Labradorite) Feng Shui

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In 2024, the Ox benefits from strong life force generating plenty of passion and drive, but your weak spirit essence suggests hidden anxieties that could periodically surface to stop you in your tracks.

You need to work at not being so easily swayed by others, and allow yourself to trust your instincts more.

This year you have the Heaven Star #6 backing you, which attracts helpful people when you need them. Plus Big Auspicious luck bringing big success your way.  (WOFS)

Goodluck Bracelet for Ox in 2024 By Audrey 

This specially combined gemstone bracelet brings a sense of structure and balance.

It also offers a peaceful aura that fosters growth and stability.

This unique gemstones combination serves as a potent reminder of equilibrium and tranquility in one's life, encouraging the wearer to maintain composure while embracing personal growth.