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Multi Colour Topaz Rondelle Bracelet (8-9mm) with 14k gold filled (Brazil)

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The Natural Multi-Color Topaz Rondelle Bracelet is a vibrant and elegant piece of jewelry that showcases the stunning variety of topaz gemstones.

Each rondelle-shaped topaz bead is carefully selected for its unique color, ranging from clear and golden hues to rich blues and greens and pinks, creating a mesmerizing spectrum.

Multi-colour Topaz is a powerful stone for manifestation, helping to attract abundance and success into one’s life. It amplifies intentions and aligns them with universal energies.

Material: High-quality, natural topaz gemstones with 14k gold filled bead.

Design: Rondelle-shaped beads, strung together for a comfortable fit.

Color: A blend of multiple colors, making each bracelet unique.

Metaphysical Benefits:

Topaz is believed to help clear the mind, enhancing focus and mental clarity, making it an excellent stone for decision-making and concentration.

The vibrant energy of topaz stimulates creativity and encourages self-expression, aiding in artistic and personal pursuits.

Topaz is known to soothe emotional stress, promote forgiveness, and bring feelings of joy and peace. It helps release tension and negative thoughts, fostering a positive outlook.