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Shimmer & Gems- Crystal Jewelry With Purpose

Moldavite (Natural) 925 Silver Pendant (Czech Republic)25mm

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One of the highest vibrational stones ever known in our earth’s existence- MOLDAVITE.

Moldavite is undeniably a magnificent gemstone, theoretically sculpted of cosmic flame and predestined for grandeur.

This mysterious greenish amulet was created by nature's catastrophic celestial collision with Planet Earth.

Moldavite, engraved by strength and heat as it descended from the sky, resurfaced changed, a crystal of incredible refinement and elegance prepared to help the world.

Moldavite bears an intense vibration as a Gemstone of Connectedness, a synthesis of worldly and otherworldly forces sensed instantly and often profoundly in individuals who align with its potency.

When using Moldavite initially, it might cause a burning feeling in the palm, spreading all over the body.

Since there is a severe lack of Moldavite and no chance of it spontaneously reproducing and appearing on Earth anymore, the price of Moldavite has risen due to the restricted availability combined with demands from individuals who are more emotionally engaged in its therapeutic powers.