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Moissanite Diamond 925 Silver Ring

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Moissanite is a lab grown diamond alternative that is made from silicon carbide. Silicon Carbide comes from space from meteorites, which is why it's so rare.

Moissanite & diamonds look very similar and almost have the same brightness and sparkle. 

Moissanite deposits are extremely rare on Earth. Technically, it’s a precious gemstone that comes from space. This brilliant stone was initially discovered by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Henri Moissan back in 1893, amongst the remnants of an ancient meteor crater in Arizona. 

This remarkable diamond-like stonedisplayed superior brilliance, fire, luster, and hardness.

Moissanite stone is ruled by the planet Venus, which is responsible for luxurious life.

Strong Venus in horoscope helps to fulfil all desires and wishes.

Wearing it attracts luxurious life and all the dreams come true.

Moissanite stone is beneficial for married life.