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Lord Sananda Jesus Christ Bracelet (Gold Coral & Natural Topaz 6mm) 14k Gold Filled Beads

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Attuned to the energy and love of Lord Sananda, the higher self of Jesus Christ, the “golden ray” of this beautifully made bracelet with natural gold coral & natural white topaz radiates happiness, healing and embodiment of the Christ light.

This bracelet will help you in recognizing your true divine essence while opening your heart to receive peace and self love.

Designed, Made, Cleansed, Attuned & Blessed to the Highest Cosmic Vibration by Audrey.

Gold Coral

It is a gemstone symbolizing "success" and "prosperity".

Gold Coral has been used as an "amulet to prevent curse" from long ago.

It will protect the owner from "malice" or "evil" that drifts around.

It is an excellent amulet to prevent danger before it happens.

Natural Topaz

It is a powerful gemstone for wealth, success, and good luck. It is also believed to bring peace, harmony, and stability to the wearer’s life.