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Hypersthene Stainless Steel Pendant (Egypt) 25-30mm

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Pendant Only (25-30mm)Stainless Steel

Hypersthene is said to be one of the luckiest stones.

In Egypt, it is regarded highly and symbolizes the God of Fortune.

The black color is said to ward off evil spirits and dissolve negative energies.

It attracts riches and treasure.

It acts as a manifestation stone and brings the law of attraction with it. 

Hypersthene is known to be an excellent stone for activating personal wealth luck and overall good luck.

Some casinos around the world have banned Hypersthene from entering their premises of business or placing any bets, claiming that it is too strong as a lucky stone.

Hypersthene is a rare mineral and not commonly found in jewelry stores.

These stones can be found in limited quantities around the world, but are generally harder to come by.