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Shimmer & Gems- Crystal Jewelry With Purpose

Goddess Magdalene Infinity Double Bracelet (Golden Tiger’s Eye & Rhodochrosite)Clearing Your Path

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This infinity bracelet is attuned and dedicated to the energy of Lady Nada, the goddess of karma clearing.

Designed to positively influence your life along your soul’s path, this bracelet empowers fearlessness, enabling you to express yourself, free from fear and obstacles.

This bracelet awakens your inner power, allowing you to take steps in discovering new horizons for success and improved life ahead.


Shimmer & Gems Infinity Bracelets are designed based on the powerful symbol of infinite blessings which signify continuous connection, abundance and energy.

Each design holds a combination of 2 powerful gemstones plus adorned with the brilliant touch of 14k gold plated copper charms.

Worn as a double bracelet in 4mm beads, each design has its own unique charisma and purpose.