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Goddess Athena Infinity Double Bracelet (Courage and Positivity) Purple Mica & Lepidolite 4mm with 14k Goldplated Copper Charms

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Inspired and attuned to the Goddess Athena’s courage, this infinity bracelet is the perfect addition to anyone’s wellness journey.

The combination of Purple Mica and Lepidolite is powerfully helpful for its wearer overcome fear and worry, instill tranquility and soothe the senses.

It encourages health and overall wellness, fosters positive thinking and an open-minded attitude, and enhances the courage from within.

This infinity bracelet is designed to empower you to stay calm in the face of negativity and stress and rediscover your inner balance and strength.

Period 9 carries the Purple Flying Star number 9 which belongs to the Fire Element.

Purple Crystals symbolizing the treasures awaiting for the period 9.

To activate, wear this infinity Purple Mica with Lepidolite bracelet to set the right tone for the energy of your next 20 years.