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Shimmer & Gems- Crystal Jewelry With Purpose

Ghost Month Protection Bundle Bracelets (4mm Onyx, Hematite & Smoky Quartz) with 14k gold filled @35% OFF

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In Preparation for the upcoming ghost month (4 Aug-2 Sept), we have made this “Ghost Month Protection Bundle Bracelets” with 4mm Black Onyx, Smoky Quartz & Hematite to be worn together on dominant hand.

Based on the Elements Chart of 2024, the month of August is chaotic and risk of accidents specially on travels.

So we anticipate that this year’s ghost month to be fierce as the elements and stars in the annual chart are not harmonious.

Aside from prayers, offering of light and angelic call, wearing crystals will give us extra layers of protection.

The Trio Combination:

Smoky Quartz is powerful in repairing your aura from leaks and tears and protecting you from absorbing low levels of energy, entitiy or spirits.

Black Onyx has the ability to ward off evil and malicious spirits from draining your energy. It also protects the wearer from the ‘evil eye’ or bad luck that is caused due to jealousy or negativity of some sort in the mind of others.

Hematite safeguards against negative energies and spirits. It creates an energetic shield around your body. Also protection against accidents.