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Shimmer & Gems- Crystal Jewelry With Purpose

Ethiopian Oval 925 Silver Adjustable Ring

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Whereas Australian opal is mined from deep beneath the ground, Ethiopian opal grows in large volcanic deposits high up in the hills.

What makes this variety so appealing is its stunning play of color, one of the most desirable attributes of this opal.

The most notable variance of Ethiopian opal is that it is hydrophane, which means that when the opal is immersed into water, its colors, transparency, light and even size alters.


Ethiopian opal is believed to shield the wearer against negativity, burning off karma.

They magnify the awakening of the kundalini and are highly protective, helping to release fear and providing a protective energetic barrier around you.

The stones have healing attributes that will be beneficial to the wearer. It can help with health issues such as problems with the lungs. It can also assist those who have mental problems of depression.

The stones are also known to help with skin problems. It will also help with nervous system.

The vibration of the stones will assist in physical and emotional healing. It is also useful for those who have eating disorders.

It works by keeping your weight stable so you will not be underweight or overweight.