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Dragon Animal Zodiac 2024 Goodluck Bracelet (Red Coral & Citrine) Feng Shui

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2024 brings the Dragon enhanced fortunes in terms of wealth, accomplishments and goal attainment, but challenges could arise in the form of health difficulties due to the Illness Star in your sector, compounded by the Yin House Star from the 24 Mountains.

It is important to remedy these afflictions.

Being a Dragon Year, you enjoy the powerful backing of the Tai Sui, which helps you as the world changes over into Period 9. (WOFS)

Good Luck Bracelet for Dragon in 2024 by Audrey 

This specially combined gemstone bracelet imbues enthusiasm and courage, driving you to take passionate actions.

It also brings a sense of luxury and success that stimulates clarity and wisdom.

This unique gemstones combination can serve as a potent reminder of balance and dynamism in one's life, urging the wearer to combine passionate energy with sophisticated wisdom for an enriched life experience.