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Shimmer & Gems- Crystal Jewelry With Purpose

Detox Bracelet (Apatite & Iolite 4mm Faceted with 14k Gold Plated Ingot & Clover Charms)

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If you’re trying to shed off those extra pounds, this bracelet combination of APATITE & IOLITE is good to wear at all times.

APATITE acts as a hunger suppressant, and it reduces your cravings for food that are bad for you.

It also raises your metabolic rate that contributes to your getting rid of your excess pounds.

It also reduces fatty deposits in the body. 

Iolite makes the wearer slim by removing the fat deposits from the  body.

It reduces the effects of alcohol and helps in regeneration and detoxification of the liver.

Iolite can help eliminate toxins in the body, as well as your body’s fatty deposits.

This bracelet combination supports in detoxification. And makes you feel healthier and lighter.

*Avoid contact with water and chemicals to preserve the electroplating luster of the 14k gold plated copper charms.