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Cintamani Agni Manitite Wire-wrapped Pendant (Stainless Steel)

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Beautifully wire-wrapped by Skilled Artisan.

Agni Manitite, is an extremely rare and high vibrational tektite found mainly in Java, Indonesia.

Its name is derived from the ancient Sanskrit term “agni mani”, meaning “pearl of the divine fire”. These tektites were formed when pieces a meteorite crash landed over 800,000 years ago.

The color ranges from a dark charcoal grey-black to a smoky translucent color. Most if not all of the pieces of Agni Manitite are now underwater.

Agni manitite is a grounding and protective stone that creates a shield around you so you can move forward with confidence.

It encourages spiritual awakening and transformation by shining a light on what changes need to occur – inspiring you to move toward your highest good.

Agni manitite directs your will to what truly brings you happiness and joy and speeds up manifestation.