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Butterfly Jade Nephrite 18k Gold Pendant

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Beautifully carved and set in 18karat solid gold clasp.

Butterflies symbolize personal transformation.

The butterfly represents endless potential and change.
Their sparkly fluttering wings are a symbol of joy and freedom.

When you're feeling anxious or wish to experience wonderful change,wear one of these soothing Butterflies.

Close your eyes and feel its energy transporting you to the vastness and calm.

Nephrite Jade

Nephrite Jade is said to be helpful in finding inner peace and harmony.

It is also thought to be a powerful stone for protection.

It is said to protect against accidents and injuries, as well as to protect against negative energy and curses.

Nephrite Jade is also said to be helpful in attracting love and money. It is thought to be a stone of abundance and is said to help increase wealth and prosperity.