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2024 New Year & Period 9 Lucky Bracelet (6mm) by Audrey

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This beautiful bracelet is designed by Audrey to activate good luck for the upcoming year 2024 (Wood Dragon) and to activate the Period 9 (new energy luck).

This bracelet has the components of the different elements and colours that are needed to bring better balance in your life for the upcoming shift.

The Water element in the 2024 chart stands for Wealth, and because it is missing from this year’s chart, we have added Amazonite & Angelite Crystals that will help to strengthen wealth luck, improve profits and level up your business and career.

We also have added the Purple Mica crystals representing the Fire element, which influences resource luck, support and authority in 2024.

Fire is also the element that is strongly associated with the Period of 9 Energy (2024-2043) as it is the most important energy for luck, wealth and bringing transformation.

So wearing this bracelet brings fame, power, influence, wealth, inspiration, wellness and transformation as well. 

Adorn yourself with this lucky bracelet and enjoy a smoother path ahead.