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2024 Good Health Bracelet (Prehnite, Burma Jade & 14k Goldplated Copper Wu Lou Charm)

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This special Good Health bracelet with Prehnite and Burma Jade Crystals plus 14k Goldplated Wu Lou Copper is meant to assist anyone who is elderly, those feeling unwell, or afflicted by illness stars in their chart, particularly the animal zodiac signs Dragon, Rat and Snake in 2024.

Wo Lou or Gourd

Wu Lou or Gourd is symbolic in feng shui and is considered a cure for good health luck and longevity.

It is a charm that helps to ward sickness energies off.

If someone is ill, it is believed that putting the Wu Lou near the person can help them to heal better.

Prehnite (faceted beads)

The prehnite crystal has a strong immune-boosting effect. It is known as the only gem to heal the healer. This stone stimulates all regeneration processes of the body.

Burma Jade (round beads)

Burma Jade provides vast healing properties and benefits. By adorning yourself with Burma Jade, benefits will include prosperity in Health and Wealth, intuitive dreams, and a soothing sense of calm and protection.