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Shimmer & Gems- Crystal Jewelry With Purpose

Phoenix Blessings Remedy Bracelet (Red Jasper, Red Agate & Garnet 6mm with 14k gold filled beads)

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The Phoenix is a powerful mystical creature which symbolises traits such as strength, farsightedness, resilience and transformation. It is also associated with strong yang energy.

Just like the spiritual symbolism of the Phoenix, this bracelet with the  combination of Red Agate, Red Jasper & Garnet- carries the powerful, mystical and fiery element.

Wearing this bracelet connects to the blessings of the Mother Phoenix which brings immense prosperity and luxurious yields.

Granting you with great charisma and strengthens your affinity with others for popularity, it will also allow you to reach the top of your career ladder.

This bracelet also protects your health from any harmful energies.