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Retrograde Defense Bracelet (Hematite,Blue Lace Agate & Amethyst)

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Retrograde is an APPARENT change in the movement of the planet through the sky.

When a planet goes retrograde and moves backwards, the areas of your life that the planet's energy affects may feel a little backward as well.

Each planet moves at a different rate and is thought to vibrate at a unique frequency, influencing how we think, act and feel in specific ways. 

Sometimes it can create a sense of chaos and confusion and affect our relationships.

And this specially designed bracelet is to help you aid in defence against possible effects of the retrograde period.

Hematite (silvery stone) grounds you and helps with concentration, focus and memory

Blue Lace Agate (light blue stone) soothes and calms, assists verbal communication and neutralizes negative emotions

Amethyst (purple stone) calms brain and nervous system, helps focus and put things in perspective.

Wear during the retrograde period on non-dominant hand.