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Libyan Desert Glass (or Libyan Tektite) Polished 925 Silver Pendant

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Libyan Desert Glass (or Libyan Tektite) The Galactic Treasure of the Ancient Egyptians

It's an extremely rare, high-vibe tektite that formed from a meteorite crash. The Ancient Egyptians revered this golden space gem.

Libyan Desert Glass came into existence approximately 28 million years ago, making it about 13 million years older than Moldavite.

It is found in the Sahara Desert in Libya and Egypt, and it has a beautiful yellow or golden color that reflects the hues of the desert sands.

Like all tektites and impact glasses, Libyan Desert Glass has a powerful, zippy vibration that can be felt as heat or tingling sensations.

As a stone that blends Earth material with galactic frequencies, it is a favorite stone of star-seeds and spiritual people who consider their true home to be a place beyond Earth.

Libyan Desert Glass can open a line of communication with extraterrestrial forces.

It has a special resonance with Sirius, Orion, and the Hathors, although you can consciously work with it to connect with many other positively oriented cosmic races.

Libyan Desert Glass helps you to set strong and clear energetic boundaries, while strengthening your shields.

This prevents you from being drained or attacked by others and outside forces.

If you are trying to manifest something new and wonderful in your life, Libyan Desert Glass will speed up the process.

It powerfully activates your solar plexus and gets you in touch with your inner royalty, personal power, and self-worth.

It enhances your ability to form a clear intention (in the mental body), and to get excited about it (in the emotional body).

This helps to quickly move you into vibrational alignment with what it is you want to manifest.

It reminds you that you are here for a reason--to bring higher levels of light and consciousness into this reality.

It helps lightworkers to access the highest possible frequencies of love, light, and information and to then ground it into the Earth plane for the benefit of all.