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  • High 5 Vibes Bracelet 4Mm With 14K Gold Filled Beads (Sapphire Tanzanite Ruby Emerald Kyanite)
  • High 5 Vibes Bracelet 4Mm With 14K Gold Filled Beads (Sapphire Tanzanite Ruby Emerald Kyanite)
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High 5 High Vibes Bracelet 4mm with 14k gold filled beads (Sapphire, Tanzanite, Ruby, Emerald, Kyanite)

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A Very special combo of the Power of 5 Precious High Vibes Crystals. They are to uplift you and give you all the energy and good luck you need.


Ruby helps to clear self-doubt and depression from your mind. A person wearing this stone will experience a boost of self-confidence and passion in life.


Emerald is a green-colored, highly precious gemstone of the Beryl mineral family. It is one of the most reputed gemstones in Vedic astrology and is worn for success in businesses & jobs, creative or intellectual pursuits, and knowledge-seeking ventures. Also known as the luckiest stone in the world. 


Blue Sapphire is a highly precious, blue colored gemstone of the Corundum mineral family.

Recognised as the most powerful and fastest acting gemstone in vedic astrology, it brings instant wealth, fame and success in wearer's life.


Believed to transmit and amplify high frequency energies.

Kyanite is a powerful meditation stone and can help with astral travel, past-life recall, and reaching higher planes.

It has strong metaphysical properties that make it an excellent choice for developing intuition and psychic abilities. It’s the ultimate “mind over matter” Blue Gemstone.


This stone emit high vibration in energies  that will strengthen this connection.

In terms of physical healing, tanzanite gemstones are believed to help alleviate skin disorders and the treatment of any illness of the ears and eyes. Tanzanite can also boost the immune system, detoxify and regenerate cells and tissues.

Specially designed, made, attuned, blessed by Audrey